Old School Car Club of Bridgeport CT

The 9th Annual Old School car show from Bridgeport, Connecticut was a spectacular event. With people coming from the Tri-State area all the way MA, you can only imagine the caliber of classic imports that made a showing. Numerous car clubs were in present from NY Rollaz, New York Toyoteros and Vintage Mazdas. Shift Gear Clothing was also present to provide the community with their old school apparel, showing off their unique designs. This event brings rides I look forward to seeing like EGR Racing’s Corolla with the S14 SR20 swap. One of the coolest cars in attendance was a widebody, RHD Volkswagen Bettle. It is a very unique ride. With so many cars with great swaps and builds, it’s impossible to mention them all. I think the greatest thing of the day was the Red Sox fan winning Yankee tickets during the raffle :)   Until next year Bridgeport !!

[nggallery id=103]

6 Responses to Old School Car Club of Bridgeport CT

  1. Jonathan says:

    U guys got it going on

  2. Ray Antonio says:

    Thanks Jon, we aim to please

  3. morgan says:

    really nice pics Ray. its amazing how a good camera makes everything look good, even the rattle can paint job on my white zenki hatch.

  4. conrad bertran says:

    yo i had the best time at the show it was like one big family i had the 87 supra

  5. Ray Antonio says:

    Hey Conrad, you were racking up the trophies and the wife the Yankee tickets claro you had fun. Your Supra made me want to start working on mine, so be ready next year to have another MKIII in the show :)

  6. conrad bertran says:

    no problem there will be three more mk3 supras up there next year so we can have a supra face off thanks conrad see u next year

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